What makes a great report? At MdJ we believe in content over form, so it’s not about simply filling it with colorful charts: a well-designed report quickly answers key questions, and gives guidance where to dig deeper. For example, a performance metric that shows sales is down by 7% should have a breakdown by product, geography, customer segment or other key dimension, so it’s clear at one glance where the problem is.

In today’s digital world, availability of data is often not the problem. But using that abundant data to create key insights can make a real difference. In other words, it’s about what information decision-makers get onto their screens – not what data is available in the data warehouse!

MdJ Reporting & Analytics can help your company or organisation to get the most out of your data. We are working solely with Microsoft Power BI, the world’s leading business intelligence software. Power BI is an extremely versatile yet affordable software, making it a great choice for organisations of any size. Want to know more? Have a look at our web pages and get in touch via the contact form!