Why Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is widely recognised as the world’s leading analytics and business intelligence software (see Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant”), and its position is strengthening as Microsoft continues to invest and releases new versions every month.

Although Power BI is sometimes mistaken for just a visualisation tool, its real power lies in the formula- and query language called DAX, which enables tailored analytics and lightning fast calculations on the data. This also means that the data can remain in a “raw” format without much data preparation work in e.g. the data warehouse, as most transformations and calculations are done within the Power BI data model.

At MdJ, we have chosen to focus our reporting and analytics expertise on Power BI-based solutions. Is your company or organisation using different BI tools, but would like to know what could be achieved with Power BI? We can create a prototype in a matter of days, allowing you to make a proper comparison before deciding on a possible implementation project.